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Being rational, kind and fair online (2020)
How and why I became an atheist (2011)
A draft manifesto to promote ethical atheism (2012)
Eye can see clearly now (2021)

My tribute to my late wife Anne Holliday (2011)
New secular memorial stone a fitting tribute to my late wife (2014)
My late father Michael speaking at my wedding to Anne (2009)

Human rights law protects veganism (2020)
My New Year Resolution is to become vegan – here’s why (2014)
My interview with the Vegetarian Society of Ireland (2015)
My vegan library (2015)

The Match of the Day theme tune is 50 (2020)
Leeds United Nostalgia Trip (2016)
The mythical classic Leeds line-up (2020)
England v Brazil 1970: where are they now? (2020)
Allez les bleus, twenty years on (2018)
Why I love football and love the Internet (2013)

King Rocker and the myths of the Nightingales (2021)
Are you ready, Steve? (2020)
Remembering Marc Bolan (2019)
Let’s make this the big one for Otway (2016)
My John Otway Montserrat Kickstarter pack has arrived (2017)
Every number one song on my birthday (2018)

Biological sex and socially-constructed gender (2019)
Discussing sex and gender online (2019)
Why we should stop segregating public toilets by gender (2016)

Sharing cultural diversity is good (2020)
‘Catholic students bullying Native American’ stories are false (2019)


Why are Nordic people so happy? (2020)
Helsinki is the happiest city (2020)
The world’s happiest countries (2019)
But will it make you happy? (2019)
Social networks spread happiness (2008)
Is Mathieu Ricard the world’s happiest man? (2008)
Where to live a long happy life (2008)


Why nothing can be known with certainty (2012)
A draft manifesto to promote ethical atheism (2012)
Medieval faith vs reason Part 1 (2008)
Medieval faith vs reason Part 2 (2008)

Right to Die

Promoting the right to die – my speech at IAFT Congress in Paris (2017)
Right to Die Ireland addresses Oireachtas Justice Committee (2017)
Right to Die Ireland – a new support and lobby group (2012)


Do Gods Exist?
Famous Atheists
200 Atheist Songs

Does God exist? My speech in debate with William Lane Craig (2017)
Challenges for Atheists and Secularists (2016)
Myths about atheism obscure its secular values (2012)

Why I am an atheist (2008)
Why atheism is important (2008)
Why atheism is still important (2020)
140+ favourite atheist-related books (2009)
Can you believe in both science and religion? (2013)

An open letter to the AHA about Richard Dawkins (2021)
Richard Dawkins’ memoir and the unjust smears against him (2013)
Misleading personal attacks on atheist feminists (2013)


How a secular State protects us all (2020)
Human rights law protects atheists (2020)
Religion harms society – my speech at the Oxford Union (2013)
The Dublin Declaration on Secularism (2011)

Atheist Ireland begins ongoing dialogue with Government (2015)
Irish Atheists, Evangelicals and Ahmadiyya Muslims unite for Secularism (2016)
Ireland is gradually moving towards an ethical secular state (2015)
Irish Prime Minister reports on his meeting with Atheist Ireland (2015)

How the UN protects human rights (2020)
Background information for UN human rights review of Ireland (2016)
Atheist Ireland asks UN to raise secular issues with Ireland (2013)
UN to ask Ireland about secular issues raised by Atheist Ireland (2013)

Why secular schools are good (2020)
Schools defy new law on admission policies (2020)
How Schools Equality PACT can end religious discrimination in schools (2015)
The Louise O’Keeffe judgment and Irish schools (2014)

One secular oath for all (2020)
The National Maternity Hospital (2021)


Ireland no longer has a blasphemy law (2020)
Atheist Ireland welcomes removal of medieval crime of blasphemy (2018)
History of Irish blasphemy law (2009)
Atheist Ireland’s 25 blasphemous quotes (2010)
Atheist Ireland asks Constitutional Convention to remove blasphemy (2013)
Flawed blasphemy report would maintain religious privilege (2014)

The Austrian Muhammad paedophile case judgment (2018)
How the Islamic States at the UN use the Irish blasphemy law (2018)
Why we must reject the silencing propaganda term ‘Islamophobia’ (2016)
Asia Bibi still facing execution in Pakistan (2012)
Five ways you can help Alex Aan in Indonesia (2012)

Roman Catholicism

Is the Catholic Church losing its power? Debate on TV3 (2016)
God be with the days… the Marymobile of the 1980s (2016)
Should priests report child rape? (2014)
Better chance of dying than being cured at Lourdes (2014)
The pretend Vatican State at the UN (2008)
Vatican compares child abuse with ordaining women (2010)
Pope’s letter protects church, not its victims (2010)
Time for action on child sex abuse report (2010)
Cardinal Brady’s meetings with paedophile priest (2010)
Bishop Magee lied and deliberately misled (2011)
Catholic Church must stop dehumanising atheists (2012)

The Bible

Ethics of the Ten Commandments (2009)
Did the historical Jesus exist? (2008)
The false flow of the Biblical Jesus stories (2009)
The fanciful first page of the New Testament (2009)
The resurrection of Jesus in the Bible (2010)
Jesus the raging ruler of Revelation (2010)


Faithless Hijabi’s mental health programme (2020)
Stop attacking Muslims and their mosques (2019)
Is Islam a religion of peace? Debate with Umar al Qadri (2014)
Major report acknowledged problems with word ‘Islamophobia’ (2016)
How Andrew Gilligan misrepresents Abdullah al Andalusi on ISIS (2015)
Debate on freedom of speech with Abdullah al Andalusi (2015)
Depictions of Mohammad and Jesus in Islam, with Ali Selim (2015)
Debate on Shari’a with Mufassil Islam (2013)
Is religion less relevant today? Debate with Sami Zaatari (2012)
Does religion do more harm than good? Debate with Adnan Rashid (2012)
Is the world better with religion? Debate with Hamza Tzortzis (2012)

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