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  1. Yup, to find the ‘true’ meaning of a Quranic verse, you have to turn over every stone…, not that stone, THAT one. Rinse & repeat.

  2. You also apparently have to accept it and “surrender” to it before you can critique it…

    Nice job Michael, you manage to be both respectful and uncompromising on principles.

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  4. I don’t think Mr Nugent understand either the nature nor the gaols of such invatations on the part of islamists.

    Your opponent isn’t seeking a debate, he is in a quest for legitimacy, for parity with mainstream respected figures so that the utter lunacies he spouts obtain a veneer of mainstream legitimacy as well.

    Saudi Arabia, a religious apartheid state that offers up the death penalty for apostasy, has constructed anexpensive institute in Austria in order to promote diversity, harmony, interfaith dialogure and understanding.

    One wonders why the non-muslim participants at this institute never demanded it be built in S.A.

    Mufassil “won” this debate, not because he managed to convince any of those present of his views, but because he obtained a measure of mainstream legitimacy, the real aim of the whole exercise, and you’re the one who gave it to him, Mr Nugent.

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