I speak and debate on atheism, morality, Christianity, Islam and related issues. Here are some examples.

Does God exist? My opening speech
Debate with William Lane Craig, Cork, Mar 2017

Does God exist? Full debate
Debate with William Lane Craig, Cork, Mar 2017

Power of the Catholic Church
Tonight with Vincent Browne, TV3, Mar 2016

Islam is not a religion of peace
At University College Dublin, Feb 2016

Football, Islam and political smears
Gad Saad podcast interview, Feb 2016

Is theism a reasonable position?
At Trinity College Dublin, Jan 2016

Ending discrimination against atheists
OSCE human rights meeting, Poland, Oct 2015

No reason to believe in God
At University College Dublin, Sep 2015

Five steps to peaceful secularism
International Atheist Convention, Germany, May 2015

Protecting human rights of atheists
OSCE human rights meeting, Poland, Oct 2014

Why I am openly atheist and secular
FFRF Out Channel, Aug 2014

The Catholic church is overtly homophobic
People’s Debate, TV3, June 2014

Atheism and secularism in Ireland and globally
At FFRF, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, May 2014

The Catholic Church can not be salvaged
At Trinity College Dublin, Nov 2013

Religion harms society
At Oxford Union debate in Oxford, UK, Nov 2013

Promoting human rights for atheists
At OSCE human rights meeting in Warsaw, Poland, Sep 2013

A secular state for a pluralist people
On the Tonight show on TV3, Aug 2013

Arrogant atheists and not collecting stamps
Opening the World Atheist Convention in Dublin, July 2011

An ethical duty to pass abortion laws
At Irish parliamentary abortion law hearings, Jan 2013

You have rights, your beliefs do not
At OSCE human rights meeting in Warsaw, Poland, Oct 2012

Can you believe in both science and religion?
University College Cork, Feb 2013

Does society need religious faith?
National University of Ireland Galway, March 2013

Why we must combat blasphemy laws
At European Atheist Conference in Cologne, Germany, May 2012

End of life and the right to die
Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, March 2013

The Vatican, Islam and women’s rights
At Empowering Women Through Secularism in Dublin, June 2013

Why we should support legal abortion
University of Limerick, Feb 2013

How do you get from the idea of a god to Jesus?
Debating John Waters in NUI Galway, March 2013

Atheism, Islam and Shari’a
Debating Mufassil Islam in Trinity College Dublin, March 2013

Atheism, Islam, morality and the Quran
Debating Hamza Tzortzis in RCSI Dublin, Feb 2011

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  1. Hi Michael.

    I am looking for (political minister) Richard Bruton on your own personal website – but I can’t find it. It is not in my “History” etc etc…

    Btw, I don’t sleep anymore – I just collapse from physical exhaustion…

    Yours sincerely,
    Lesley Stuart

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