How a Secular State Protects a Pluralist Society, Cambridge, July 2019

Launch of Irish Blasphemy law referendum campaign, Sep 2018

Promoting the right to die, talk at IAFT Paris, Sep 2017

Addressing United Nations Human Rights Council, Sep 2016

Ending discrimination against atheists, OSCE human rights meeting, Poland, Oct 2015

Five steps to peaceful secularism, International Atheist Convention, Germany, May 2015

An ethical duty to pass abortion laws, Irish parliamentary abortion law hearings, Jan 2013

You have rights, your beliefs do not, OSCE human rights meeting, Poland, Oct 2012

Why we must combat blasphemy laws, European Atheist Conference, Germany, May 2012

Arrogant atheists and not collecting stamps, Opening World Atheist Convention, Dublin, July 2011

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