62 Types of Irish Weddings

Atheist Ireland has obtained figures from the CSO showing the 62 types of wedding ceremonies in Ireland in 2022. They range from Roman Catholic to the Rites of Passage of the Indigenous Wisdom Tradition of Celtic Druid Temple. Only about 44% were some variation of what would currently be considered traditional religions. Four in ten […]

One in five Irish marriages now spiritualist

One in five Irish weddings last year were spiritualist ceremonies, according to information obtained by Atheist Ireland last week. This is twice the number you would think from the published CSO statistics, which hide half of the spiritualist marriages under the label ‘other religious’. This means fewer than 45% of Irish weddings last year were […]

ChatGPT learns about atheism

The Artificial Intelligence app ChatGPT wrote me a nursery rhyme about God, but it would not write me a nursery rhyme about atheism, because it said it cannot generate inappropriate or sensitive content. We had a lengthy discussion about AI training data, freedom of religion or belief, discrimination, and ethics. ChatGPT then said it now […]

My brother Billy

My brother Billy died forty years ago today. He was nineteen, two years younger than me. We grew up in the new Willow Park estate in Ballymun, as the nearby flats were being built. Our parents loved and supported us and our younger siblings. As children, Billy and I splashed in the same bath and […]

I shot the clerk?

An entire comedy movie, My Cousin Vinnie, is built on a police officer asking an innocent person when he shot a clerk. He responds in surprise ‘I shot the clerk?’, and the police officer later reads the statement to the court deadpan as ‘I shot the clerk’. There was a similar level of misrepresentation at […]

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