My vegan library – 40 books on vegan ethics and recipes, plus some books opposing veganism

I’m now a week into my Vegan New Year, and I’ve bought (or in some cases already had) the following books about the ethics and practicalities of veganism. Just as I think it is important to know religious arguments against my atheism, I’ve also bought some books outlining carnivore arguments against my veganism.

I will gradually read these books during the year, and occasionally write about them. I’d welcome any suggestions as to which are the most useful and why, as well as ideas for any other books or videos that I should also read or watch. All links are to the Kindle edition of the books, where you can read reviews about them.

Ethics and Vegan Living

Vegan Recipes and Guides

Arguments Against Veganism

My vegan library – 40 books on vegan ethics and recipes, plus some books opposing veganism

10 thoughts on “My vegan library – 40 books on vegan ethics and recipes, plus some books opposing veganism

  1. No book recommendations, but for the sake of friends and family you might want to stock up on Devrom.

  2. I love Happy Herbivore cook books – tasty , easy and quick to make , for more fancy recipes – fat free vegan blog, also forks over knifes app is great. Good reads there might read some myself.

  3. More about vivisection than veganism, but William Kotzwinkle’s Doctor Rat is a harrowing fable about a rat who thinks he’s conducting experiments rather than being experimented on.

    I don’t know if it influenced The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which suggests mice were really experimenting on people.

    Speaking of which, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe plays with the idea of the proverbial pig who wants to be eaten.

  4. I didn’t think to mention it, but Carrier argues against the vegan/vegetarian position. Just including it as you had your own “arguments against” section.

  5. Ouch, I hope you’re not recommending Lierre Keith? She’s a radical feminist TERF, who wrote quite possibly the most disingenuous and incoherent rant against vegetarianism in recent times. Not surprisingly she’s quoted by trolls who probably haven’t read her book, but want to defend meat eating at any cost. I’d reconsider her inclusion in the list.

  6. @Tom

    It seems you’re suggesting we should ignore Lierre Keith’s thoughts on vegetarianism because you say that they are disingenuous and incoherent, and because she’s a TERF. The former is simply an assertion, and the latter is a non sequitur. Do you have any good critiques of her book?

  7. Hi @JetLagg
    I thought readers might like to know what kind of person wrote the book, and anyone can find information on google regarding her deranged hate and transphobia if they want to do so.

    As for the book itself, most of it is a long polemic regarding nutrition using cherry picked research from the Weston A Price Foundation and personal anecdotes. Her conclusion that the optimal diet is one that consists of “mostly animals and their secretions” is pretty cranky, to say the least. Her moral argument amounts to the assertion that agriculture is bad, so we should eat animals – this obviously ignores the fact that animal farming of uses orders of magnitude more land than a vegan diet would require.

    This essay is a pretty good critique. The highlight is when the author says “Well, I happen to be married to” the person she misquotes!

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