Yet more misrepresentations in PZ Myers’ post refusing to withdraw or apologise for his smear

PZ Myers has conveyed the charming belief that he can simply announce the end of what he calls ‘the @micknugent saga’, by which he means his repeated failure to withdraw and apologise for his defamatory smears that I defend and provide a haven for rapists. This is the real world. Actions have consequences, and they […]

Why Stephanie Zvan’s defence of PZ Myers’ ‘haven for rapists’ smear is not reasonable based on the evidence

In the absence of any public comment by PZ Myers, Stephanie Zvan has posted a defence of part of his smear that I am defending and providing a haven for rapists. You can read Stephanie’s post here. Stephanie interprets the phrase ‘providing a haven for rapists’ in a way that encompasses even the police and […]

Anatomy of a smear – how PZ Myers concocted a new smear when challenged about his previous smears

On 17 September I wrote the first in a series of posts analysing recent media misrepresentations of the atheist movement, and the role of PZ Myers in the culture of demonising people. I highlighted the work being done internationally by the global atheist movement. On 3 October PZ alleged that I am defending and providing […]

My Twitter conversation today with Latsot, who like PZ Myers has falsely accused me of defending rapists

I have just had the following discussion on Twitter with Latsot, an occasional guest blogger on FreeThought Blogs and one of the gentlemen who have falsely accused me of defending rapists. It illustrates the difficulty of communicating reasonably with the people making these false allegations. The smear was initiated by PZ Myers, a cofounder of […]

Thank you to Latsot for apologising for alleging that I defend rapists. PZ Myers, can you please also apologise?

Update: Latsot has now repeated on his blog his allegation that I defend rapists, writing “This is what I mean when I say that Michael Nugent defends rapists. It’s what I always meant. I stand by it. I didn’t apologise for that and I don’t apologise for it now.” He has written of his previous […]

PZ Myers has failed five times to justify his smear that I am defending and providing a haven for rapists on my blog

PZ Myers has not yet withdrawn or apologised for his serious allegation that I am defending and providing a haven for rapists, and that the evidence for this is that some people who comment on my blog also post on a different internet discussion forum. This is another example of the ratcheting up online of serious […]

The smears get increasingly serious as PZ Myers crosses a new line

In recent weeks, since I defended Richard Dawkins and the atheist movement from misrepresentations and smears in mainstream media articles, I have become the target of similar smears on various blogs. You can read details here. Now PZ Myers has crossed a new line by publicly alleging that I am defending rapists (that’s rapists, plural) […]

PZ Myers’ unfair and hurtful misrepresentations of Richard Dawkins’ comments about being abused as a child

This is my second response to Ophelia Benson’s list of concerns about my original post about recent media misrepresentations of the atheist movement. I had written about PZ that: “In the last year or so, he has publicly accused Richard Dawkins of seeming to have developed a callous indifference to the sexual abuse of children…” […]

Recent media misrepresentations of the atheist movement, and the role of PZ Myers in the culture of demonising people

Let me preface this post by saying that I accept that I might be mistaken in anything that I write, and that I am open to changing my mind on the basis of reasonable civil discussion. Also, I assume that I have done variations of at least some of the things I am complaining about […]