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My Twitter conversation today with Latsot, who like PZ Myers has falsely accused me of defending rapists

I have just had the following discussion on Twitter with Latsot, an occasional guest blogger on FreeThought Blogs and one of the gentlemen who have falsely accused me of defending rapists. It illustrates the difficulty of communicating reasonably with the people making these false allegations. The smear was initiated by PZ Myers, a cofounder of […]

PZ Myers has failed five times to justify his smear that I am defending and providing a haven for rapists on my blog

PZ Myers has not yet withdrawn or apologised for his serious allegation that I am defending and providing a haven for rapists, and that the evidence for this is that some people who comment on my blog also post on a different internet discussion forum. This is another example of the ratcheting up online of serious […]

PZ Myers’ unfair and hurtful misrepresentations of Richard Dawkins’ comments about being abused as a child

This is my second response to Ophelia Benson’s list of concerns about my original post about recent media misrepresentations of the atheist movement. I had written about PZ that: “In the last year or so, he has publicly accused Richard Dawkins of seeming to have developed a callous indifference to the sexual abuse of children…” […]

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