Author: Michael Nugent

More deceit and silence from AAI

As atheist activists, we rightly challenge religions when they behave unethically. We should also challenge unethical behaviour by people purporting to represent us as atheists. John Hamill has published a report in which the illegitimate ‘board’ of Atheist Alliance International knowingly misled the United Nations about AAI’s bylaws. This follows the Council of Europe removing […]

UN again tells Ireland to provide secular schools

Atheist Ireland has welcomed today’s concluding observations of the UN Human Rights Committee, which again tell Ireland to provide secular education by establishing non-denominational schools, and to further amend the Employment Equality Act to bar all forms of discrimination against teachers and medical workers. The UN Committee has also told Ireland to remove the religious […]

AAI and ‘the period of special measures’

A member of the board that unlawfully hijacked Atheist Alliance International has finally admitted that they knew they were acting undemocratically, but that they did so anyway. Up to now, others involved have implausibly claimed to have believed they were acting democratically, but say they made mistakes or overlooked the bylaws. But former unelected board […]

The betrayal of democratic atheist activism

Since 2018, some people have falsely claimed to be the board of Atheist Alliance International. This article explains why democratic atheist activists should care about this, and why it is such a betrayal of democratic atheist activism. The Freethought Prophet podcast has covered this scandal for years, more aggressively than I would do so, but […]

The 5-year drop in religious marriages

Yesterday I reported on what I described as the rise in nonreligious marriages in Ireland since 2016. That is a fair description when you look at the percentages, as religious marriages have dropped from 67.4% to 56.7%, and nonreligious marriages have risen from 32.6% to 43.3%. However, when you look at the actual figures rather […]

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