Is Christianity Holding us back? The Big Debate in Belfast with BBC follow-up

400 people attended the Big Debate in the Stormont Hotel in Belfast last Thursday, where I and Rev David Robertson discussed whether Christianity is holding society back in Northern Ireland and generally.

The debate was chaired by William Crawley of BBC Radio’s Talkback. The conversation continued the next day on Talkback, which you can listen to here.

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  1. lol…we need Christianity to protect us from the State becoming all powerful…ha ha ha. So after ousting the Religious hierarchy from Irish Society after all its wrong doings we should reverse this and take power away from the state…yep great idea…at least bring someone of Intelligence to debate against the Atheists please….

  2. Christianity teaches us we are equal? That is why women cant even say Mass at church, homosexuals are less than heterosexuals.

    So Christians are the most tolerant people? Hmmm. Well if you count siding with Hitler during teh second world war as teh Vatican did, then I guess you could say they were tolerant of Adolf’s attitude to gassing 6 million Jews. Also what does this speaker make of the Popes army in the 11th century almost wiping out the Muslim population in the Middle East during the Crusades…

    Catholic Church provides lots of social action groups?..again Hmmm..let me see. These are volunteers that the church sees fit to pay nothing for. But look you are right lost of good christian people doing good…lets dig deeper…well not that deep…what say you of the poor young mothers who’s only sin was to have a child out of wedlock and for this had their children taken from them and human traffic to places like the USA? Or to the numerous worldwide examples of clergy pedophilia and undercover…look I could go on but I’m bored with this idiot!

  3. Is religion holding Northern Ireland back? Haha, the question answers itself.

    Jon Stewart said it best: “Religion: giving people hope in a world torn apart by religion.”

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