Atheist Song of the Week #6 – Thank You God by Tim Minchin

This is my sixth Atheist Song of the Week. I could have picked any of many classics by Australian comedian and composer Tim Minchin, and Thank You God captures perfectly the wishful thinking of believing in an interventionist healing god.

“Fuck me Sam, what are the odds
That of history’s endless parade of gods
That the God you just happened to be taught to believe in
Is the actual God and he digs on healing
But not the AIDS-ridden African nations
Nor the victims of the plague, nor the flood-addled Asians,
But healthy, privately-insured Australians
With common and curable lens degeneration.”

See also my regularly updated list of video links to 200 Atheist Songs from an eclectic range of artists and genres. They don’t all promote atheism, but they should all make you think or laugh or both. More suggestions welcome.

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  1. My suggestion would be to submit the playlist for an alternative to that endless drear ‘Gloria’ on RTE every Sunday morning hosted by Tim Thurston. Just for balance you know.

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