The elephant fable with a twist

The fable of the blind men and the elephant is often used to show how humans cannot understand god. Here’s a version with a different ending.

A wise man met six scholars
who were having quite a fight
deciphering an elephant
without the gift of sight
Each described what they had felt 
and claimed the beast must be
like a fan or wall or rope
or snake or spear or tree

The wise man told the scholars
that as they all were blind
they could not see the elephant
with all its parts combined
They’d touched the ear or side or tail
or trunk or tusk or knee
of the great beast which misled each
because they could not see

The wise man brought the scholarsback
to where they met the beast
so he could show them how their
partial knowledge could increase
They reached the spot and the wise man
was mystified to see
a fan and wall and rope and snake
and spear and old pine tree

The elephant fable with a twist

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