#IWant2BFree 4 – Secularism

Day 1 Panel 4These are the speakers on the panel discussion on Secularism as a Human Right, from 16:45-18:15 this Saturday 22 July, at the Glastonbury of Freethinkers, London’s International Conference on Free Expression and Conscience.

There are eight panel discussions over the weekend. Jane Donnelly and I will be speaking at two of them on behalf of Atheist Ireland.

Use the hashtag #IWant2BFree this weekend to follow the contributions of more than seventy atheist and secular activists and artists, from more than thirty countries around the world. Read the weekend’s full agenda here.


  • Tasneem Khalil, Journalist and Editor of Independent World Report


  • Annie Laurie Gaylor, Co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation
  • Chris Moos, National Secular Society Council Member
  • Houzan Mahmoud, Culture Project Co-Founder
  • Karima Bennoune, UN Special Rapporteur in the Field of Cultural Rights
  • Michael Nugent, Atheist Ireland’s Chairperson
  • Teresa Gimenez Barbat, MEP, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe and Euromind
#IWant2BFree 4 – Secularism

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