With this hat I thee wed, but not with that hat

How does the State judge the credibility of religious hats? The Irish State has turned down an application from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to solemnise marriages, telling Pastafarian Minister John Hamill that colander-based religious hats are not credible. By contrast, Roman Catholic religious hats are clearly credible. Pastafarianism is legally recognised in several countries. The first legal Pastafarian wedding took place last year in New Zealand. Praise be to his noodley appendages.

With this hat I thee wed, but not with that hat

One thought on “With this hat I thee wed, but not with that hat

  1. Please drop the pastifarian stuff. It is risible and is a crude and brutal form of satire which has somehow forgotten that it was supposed to be a joke.

    You must know yourself that humour has a short shel-life and that often its form is more important that its expression.

    I’m minded of the tired old joke about how many surrealists it takes to change a lightbulb; the standard reply is “a fish”. Always a fish or sometimes an umbrealla, but the point is that response is irrelevant; any word will do. Yet, people repeat the joke in that form; it’s a repetition which shows that they have not totally understood the joke or the artifice behind it.

    The FSM stuff was funny once upon a time, but it has become jaded Рa crude and rude clich̩.

    There’s an idiot atheist activist on YouTube who has performed “debaptisms” – ceremonies involving cake, biscuits and a hairdryer.

    You have written some brilliantly funny stuff; I look forward to the day when I can reclaim my copy of “Dear John”. You must realise the difference between satire and simple mockery.

    The language of many atheist activists is sadly predictable: “bronze-age goat-herds” etc.

    Repetition of these tropes shows a lack of originality and a regress to unoriginal thought.

    I know that I’m expressing myself poorly here, but I hope that you see a kernel in there.

    In essence: I may agree with the guy wearing a colander in terms of atheism, but I despise his method of expressing it.

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