21 great lessons from the Rationalist International Conference in Tallinn

by Michael Nugent on April 28, 2016

Here are 21 great lessons that I learned from each of the speakers at the Rationalist International Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, last weekend.

Tallinn Bailey

Tallinn Brotherus

Tallinn Eagle

Tallinn Edamaraku

Tallinn Ericson

Tallinn Namazie

Tallinn Nasrin

Tallinn Nugent

Tallinn Paalanen

Tallinn Peter

Tallinn Ramadan

Tallinn Rand

Tallinn Rogers

Tallinn Sankari

Tallinn Sharma

Tallinn Sherlock

Tallinn Simonsen

Tallinn Vallik

Tallinn Vilponen

Tallinn Winter

Tallinn Ylikoski

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