My debate about the vandalised cross on Carauntoohill mountain on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

Today I debated the vandalised cross on Carauntoohill mountain in Kerry, with local Community Council chairperson Tim Moriarty and host Pat Kenny, on Newstalk Radio.

Subject to any schedule changes, I’ll be doing four more interviews tomorrow morning, Thursday, about this:

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  1. Be interesting to find out who cut it down and why. Hopefully we’ll find out.

    On the comment you made on pluralist society and so the cross, as a religious symbol, shouldn’t be replaced with another cross. Isn’t that imposing a non-religious viewpoint on everyone?

    As it is private land and, I suspect, the local council will vote to re-instate it it’ll probably be up again fairly soon.

  2. It would be interesting to hear the other interviews too, although I expect that there is not much more that you can say on the subject.

    Something that is inclusive of everybody would be a wonderful thing to see, instead of another version of that symbol of torture.

  3. Michael,

    Something inclusive of everyone?
    What would you suggest?

    Anyway, shouldn’t that be everyone in the locality plus the land owners,; if I’m in Dublin or Belfast or Glasgow is it really much to do with me.

    I honestly find it hard to think of any structure/symbol/statue that someone will not find offensive. It may sound odd, but even nothing would be offensive to some, given that there was something there before.

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