Atheist Ireland’s achievements in 2014

Atheist Ireland had a very busy and successful 2014, with breakthroughs in international lobbying at the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the OSCE annual human rights meeting; ongoing national lobbying on secular education and healthcare as well as on laws including blasphemy and the Civil Registration Act; plus strong organisational, social and political development at regional level and upgrades to our website.

This video covers some of these achievements, as reported to the 2014 AGM on 25 October, by Chairperson Michael Nugent, Human Rights Officer Jane Donnelly, Regional Officer Kevin Sheehan, Dublin Chairperson Ashling O’Brien, Cavan Monaghan Chairperson John Hamill, North West Committee Member Kelvin O’Connor, Secretary Helen O’Shea and Finance Officer Sean O’Shea.

You can read a more complete review of our year’s work here.

Atheist Ireland’s achievements in 2014

One thought on “Atheist Ireland’s achievements in 2014

  1. Awesome. News like this keeps me from getting disheartened. My own activism in the states has been limited. I primarily debate friends, family, and whoever is willing to talk about the issues online. I write letters to representatives on occasion when one of the really prominent atheists brings a certain issue to my attention. Lately, as you know, the American movement has been pretty mired in infighting. As someone who has spent more time monitoring the situation online, do you have an organization you’d recommend joining?

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