The Angelus and human rights abuses in Ireland – my discussion on Newstalk with George Hook and Ian O’Doherty

I discussed the Angelus, human rights abuses, the UN, Saint Patrick and more with George Hook and Ian O’Doherty on The Right Hook on Newstalk Radio today.

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  1. Well done Micheal, second time in recent weeks you have utterley shown up George Hook as an imbocile of the highest order, while also maintaining a clear and convincing line of reasoning which others (including myself) can relate to. Keep up the good work, the good (but hell-bound) members of the Irish secular community are all behind you

  2. George does his harmless old fuddyduddy act very well and is an easily likeable fella, while always trying to stir the shit. Ian is a working Jurno who knows the vale of shock . So, essentially you have two Journalists looking for feed/ filler. Enter the always on point, informed and articulate Mr Nugent who is more than happy to correct any pre-conceived misconceptions in relation Atheism. What it means and what it doesn’t. A breath of fresh air.
    Two points that I liked or made me titter were. When George tried to baffle his way over a poor argument and you rightly said Don’t bring it up if you don’t want it scrutinised or words to that effect and also when responding to Ian’s Increasingly odd argument “and you’re complaining about me complaining, isn’t that even another step into irrelevance” I love listing to you debate it helps me hone my own arguments. Not that I’d ever be argumentative or anything myself , god forbid. Thanks again Michael.

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