Oliver Plunkett’s head and the sadness of the nuns

Head of Oliver PlunkettCartoon of execution of Oliver Plunkett

Jane Donnelly and I were in Ardee today for an Atheist Ireland meeting, and on the way home we stopped off in a Drogheda church to see the head of the decapitated Oliver Plunkett.

It is on display alongside the obligatory collection boxes, and a fun cartoon of Plunkett being hanged to delight any children who are unimpressed by being forced to stare at a dead skull.

Also nearby are assorted bones including one of his ribs, which a description explains was donated to alleviate the sadness of local nuns. I can just imagine the discussion that decided that.

“I hear the nuns in Drogheda are sad.”
“I know. That’s terrible.”
“We should really do something to alleviate their sadness.”
“Great idea. What do you suggest?”
“Well, this may seem out of left field, but hear me out…”
“Yes, go on…”
“What if we gave them one of Oliver Plunkett’s ribs?”

They really are an an odd lot, the Catholics.

Oliver Plunkett’s head and the sadness of the nuns

2 thoughts on “Oliver Plunkett’s head and the sadness of the nuns

  1. The odd thing is why an atheist is drawn to see the relics of a Saint in the House of God?

  2. A rather adolescent posting.

    Atheists have a kinbd of arrested developement that won’t allow them to ever grow up.

    IN other news Dublin will see the construction of a new mosque, finaced by Gulf States, which will cost over 40,000,000 and which will accomodate thousands.

    It will be a wonderful d’awa centre and no doubt thousands of irishmen and women thrown into moral anomie by clueless progressives and their ridiculous agenda will find simple answers and solace in the Koran.

    Atheists and progressive do all the heavy lifting for islamists.

    Frying pan to fire.

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