My recent panel discussion on Newstalk Radio about religion and science

On Wednesday 6 June, I was on a panel discussion about religion and science on the Marc Coleman show on Newstalk Radio. The other panelists were Michael Kelly deputy editor of the Irish Catholic newspaper, Donal O’Sullivan Latchford of the Irish family and Media Association and Dublin City Councillor Dr Bill Tormey of Fine Gael.

These are some edited highlights of my contributions to the discussion:

And here is the full discussion:

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  1. Great stuff as usual Micheal. Always a pleasure to hear you speak on our favorite subject with such erudition humility and eloquence I always feel well represented by you. So glad Newstalk et al have you as their go-to guy on all matters Atheist. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  2. Didn’t watch it and don’t plan on it. I get that Obama gives great speaches. Still watiing for great action based in some form of morality that would defy his corporate masters.And shame on Obama using MLK’s bible with the blood of the innocent children in the Middle East that stain his hands as much as it does Bush and Cheney. Shame!!

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