Does God exist? An interview, a debate and an article

I’ll be discussing whether god exists today, Wednesday 21 September, on the Pat Kenny radio show on RTE in the morning, and in a debate at the Trinity College Dublin Historical Society in the evening.

The RTE interview will be at 11 am with Pat Kenny talking to me and Miguel DeArce of TCD Genetics Institute. You can listen to it on the RTE website.

The Historical Society debate will be at 7.30 pm where Miguel and I will be joined by philosophers Lynne Rudder Baker of University of Massachussetts USA and Peter Simons of TCD, plus student speakers. This debate is only open to members of the Historical Society as it is the first debate of the term and is expected to be oversubscribed.

The core point of my argument is that there is no reliable evidence to suggest that gods exist, and lots of reliable evidence to suggest that the idea of gods was invented by humans. Here is an article that I have written for The Hibernian Times on how I came to be an atheist:

Realisation That Gods Are Human Invention Leads to Better World

Does God exist? An interview, a debate and an article

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