Irish Census 2016 – More Rastas than Pastas, More Jedis than Jews or Jains

At-Maynooth-2016For the first time, the Irish Census results include all religious minorities with thirty or more respondents. There are nearly sixty listed. Here are some of the more interesting facts:

  • More Lapsed Catholics (8,094) than Lapsed Church of Ireland (74)
  • More Jedi Knights (2,050) than Jews (1,929) or Jains (134)
  • More Rastafarians (114) than Pastafarians (92)
  • More Pastafarians (92) than Scientologists or Hare Krishnas (87 each)
  • More Kimbanguists (69) than Zoroastrians (35)
  • More Satanists (78) than Salvation Army members (52)
  • The smallest stated allegiances are Eckist and Theist (30 each)
  • Some wrote Atheist (7,477) or Agnostic (5,006) under ‘Other Religion’

Here are the figures for all stated religions with 30 or more respondents:

Census All Religions

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  1. So why, unlike most European country are there not 20-40% Humanists?

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