Does God Exist? Video of my full debate with William Lane Craig

This is my full debate on Tuesday with William Lane Craig. Thank you to Uncover Cork for organising the event. Thank you to the 500 capacity crowd who filled both the debate hall and the live screening overflow hall. I hope that Bill enjoys the remainder of his stay in Ireland, and that we have both given people some useful ideas to consider.

Opening Statements
9:12 – WL Craig
31:20 – M Nugent

53:00 – WL Craig
1:05:50 – M Nugent
1:18:00 – WL Craig
1:27:05 – M Nugent

Closing Statements
1:35:30 – WL Craig
1:41:35 – M Nugent

Q&A 1:48:00 to 2:11:15

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  1. Hi Michael – I really enjoyed your debate with Dr. Craig, and although I am a theist and my mind was not changed, I found your style and your arguments to be very compelling. It was a pleasure to listen to a debate that didn’t degenerate into mudslinging and name calling. My compliments to both of you!

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