The Irish blasphemy referendum – my debate with Christians and Imam Ibrahim Noonan on 4FM today

With the Irish Government finally announcing its intention to hold a referendum to remove the prohibition of blasphemy from the Irish Constitution, after five years of campaigning by Atheist Ireland, I debated the issue today on 4FM with host Niall Boylan, Christian callers and Imam Ibrahim Noonan.

Part 1 – my debate with Christian callers

Part 2 – my debate with Imam Ibrahim Noonan

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  1. Once again, we see muslims–even the self-designated moderate ones–jump at the opportunity to shield themselves from the duties of civil society whilst at the same time grabbing more than their fair share of rights. Fortunately, I think, the conflict of ideologies between catholics and muslims might prove beneficial for atheists and believers who advocate a fully secular society. It would probably be useful to remind catholics that blasphemy laws would allow muslims to shut down criticism of Mohammed; I don’t think they’d be happy to have a law that makes uttering the statement “Jesus was morally superior to Mohammed” a criminal offence.

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