International protests to defend Bangladeshi bloggers, today and May 2nd

Some international protests scheduled for today, April 25th, to defend Bangladesh’s atheist bloggers and activists are going ahead as planned, and some have been rescheduled for next Thursday, May 2nd, due to the national day of mourning in Bangladesh today after the Savar building collapse.

  • Here are the details of the protests that are going ahead today, in conjunction with remembering the victims of the Savar factory disaster.
  • There is also a Facebook Page where you can record your support.
  • Here are the details of the protests that have been rescheduled for May 2nd.

Atheist Ireland had already sent an appeal to all TDs and Senators to contact the Bangladeshi government today regarding the atheist bloggers who have been attacked and arrested. We are now asking them to follow up on that request before next Thursday, May 2nd.

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