The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading

The postman has just delivered The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland, which I ordered after Richard Saunders recommended it at last week’s Dublin Skeptics in the Pub event.

So within weeks I will be able to tell you everything about yourself, including that you are considerate and kind yet sometimes understandably put your own interests first, that you know somebody who has passed to the other side, either expectedly or possibly suddenly, with some connection to a chest pain or perhaps an accident, and that you will in the near future hear from somebody who has not been in contact with you for some time, who will give you information that is very important to your career, or perhaps to your personal life, although you may not understand the significance of the message until something else unexpected happens some time after that.

That will be fifty euro, thank you kindly, and please tell your friends to feel free to come and see me. Cha-Ching!

The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading

One thought on “The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading

  1. Not bad. If you had mentioned that I knew someone whose name started with an M or N or possibly an E I’d have been really impressed…;-)

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