This is my full debate on Tuesday with William Lane Craig. Thank you to Uncover Cork for organising the event. Thank you to the 500 capacity crowd who filled both the debate hall and the live screening overflow hall. I hope that Bill enjoys the remainder of his stay in Ireland, and that we have both given people some useful ideas to consider.

Opening Statements
9:12 – WL Craig
31:20 – M Nugent

53:00 – WL Craig
1:05:50 – M Nugent
1:18:00 – WL Craig
1:27:05 – M Nugent

Closing Statements
1:35:30 – WL Craig
1:41:35 – M Nugent

Q&A 1:48:00 to 2:11:15


This is my opening speech in my debate on Tuesday with William Lane Craig. Video above, transcript below. We’ll have video of the full debate online later today.


I’d like to welcome Bill to Ireland. He is a sincere advocate for his beliefs. A week ago I debated an equally sincere Hamza Tzortzis, whose path to Islam was very like Bill’s path to Christianity.

They were both in school at the time. They both had an experience of faith, after a conversation with a classmate. And they each committed their lives to spreading the word of God and Allah respectively.

Both Bill and Hamza know that their Gods exist because of faith. They are both using reason to help to lead people to a personal truth that they know by faith. They are both good, sincere people. And at least one of them if not both are mistaken.

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The relentlessly entertaining Postmodern Jukebox

by Michael Nugent on March 11, 2017

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox is a relentlessly entertaining experience. Here are twenty pics from their recent performance in Dublin’s Vicar Street.


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With wave after wave of scandals continuing to wash over Ireland, arising from decades of religious influence on our laws and government, it is beyond time that we looked at the bigger picture. We need to go beyond addressing each individual scandal. We need to fully separate Church and State.

Atheist Ireland will be intensifying our campaign for this aim in the coming weeks and months. We will be increasing our lobbying and holding meetings to coordinate the important work that will be needed. If you would like to help in any way, please email us at secretary-at-atheist-dot-ie for more details.

We fully support the human right to freedom of conscience, religion, and belief, for both religious people and atheists. The only way for the State to protect equally that right for everybody, is for the State to remain neutral between religious and nonreligious beliefs and to focus on running the country for everybody based on human rights.

Here are the five steps that we need to take to fully separate church and State:

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Is it rational to believe in God? My debate with Hamza Tzortzis today

March 10, 2017

Is it rational to believe in God? I will be debating Hamza Tzortzis at 6.30pm today in the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland on Stephens Green in Dublin. It is a few years now since I last debated Hamza, and I am looking forward to meeting him again.

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Does God exist? What is atheism? Should the State support religion? My interview on WLRFM

March 4, 2017

I did a wide-ranging interview with Eamon Keane of Deise Today on WLRFM today. We covered: Does God exist? The difference between atheism and agnosticism State support for religion Catholic evangelisation in State-funded schools Freedom of religion, conscience, and belief Atheist Ireland’s alliance for secular schools with Evangelical Alliance Ireland and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community […]

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“The Catholic school exists to educate children in Catholic religious life and beliefs,” and other quotes to the NCCA

February 15, 2017

If you are still wondering about the grip that the Catholic Church has on Irish schools, here are some sample quotes from Catholic educators in their submissions to the NCCA report on the proposed new course on Education about Religion and Beliefs. You can read all of the submissions here. Please also read Atheist Ireland’s […]

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NCCA report confirms that ERB and Ethics course will not meet human rights standards

February 15, 2017

The National Council of Curriculum and Assessment has published its long-awaited report regarding the proposed course on Education about Religions, Beliefs and Ethics. The Report vindicates the analysis of Atheist Ireland that any new course on ERB and ethics cannot be implemented in accordance with the Constitution and Human Rights law. It is clear that […]

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Does God exist? I will be debating William Lane Craig in Cork on 21st March

February 9, 2017

Does God exist? I will be debating William Lane Craig on Tuesday 21st March in University College Cork.

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Atheist Ireland asks IHREC to investigate human rights breaches in Community National Schools

February 8, 2017

Atheist Ireland has sent the following letter to the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission, asking it to investigate human rights breaches in Community National Schools. RE: ETB / Community National Schools / Section 42 (1) IHREC Act 2014 Dear Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission, We are writing to inform you that the Minister […]

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