Catholic School existsIf you are still wondering about the grip that the Catholic Church has on Irish schools, here are some sample quotes from Catholic educators in their submissions to the NCCA report on the proposed new course on Education about Religion and Beliefs. You can read all of the submissions here.

Please also read Atheist Ireland’s initial response to the report itself:
NCCA report confirms that ERB and Ethics course will not meet human rights standards

The following sample quotes are from:

  • Commission for Education and Formation of the Irish Episcopal Conference
  • Catholic Primary Schools Management Association
  • Community National Schools Management Group
  • Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan of Waterford
  • Bishop Denis Nulty of Kildare
  • Derry Diocesan Catechetical Centre
  • Education Secretariat, Dublin Diocese
  • Education Secretariat, Cashel, Emily and Kerry Dioceses
  • Board of Management, Callystown National School, Armagh
  • Board of Management, Patrician Primary School, Newbridge, Kildare
  • Principals of the schools in the Catholic Parish of Clonbologue, Offaly

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NCCA-Consultation-860x450_cThe National Council of Curriculum and Assessment has published its long-awaited report regarding the proposed course on Education about Religions, Beliefs and Ethics.

The Report vindicates the analysis of Atheist Ireland that any new course on ERB and ethics cannot be implemented in accordance with the Constitution and Human Rights law.

It is clear that the legislation underpinning our education system is undermining the rights of parents and their children to a human rights based education.

It is clear From the NCCA Report that any new course in ERB and ethics will not be introduced in accordance with the Recommendation from the Forum on Patronage and Pluralism.

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Does God exist? I will be debating William Lane Craig on Tuesday 21st March in University College Cork.

Nugent Craig Debate


Jane at OSCEAtheist Ireland has sent the following letter to the Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission, asking it to investigate human rights breaches in Community National Schools.

RE: ETB / Community National Schools / Section 42 (1) IHREC Act 2014

Dear Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission,

We are writing to inform you that the Minister for Education, Richard Bruton, the Education & Training Boards/Community National Schools (ETB/CNS) and the NCCA are disregarding their public sector duty to protect the human rights of the persons to whom they provide services.

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