Sex Ed BillAtheist Ireland is delighted that Solidarity’s Objective Sex Education Bill has passed its first vote today in the Dail. It will now go on to be debated at Committee stage.

Along with our allies in other groups who support this Bill, we will now lobby members of the Oireachtas Education Committee to ensure that the Bill passes the further stages required to become law.

The Bill is supported by Atheist Ireland, the Rape Crisis Network, the National Women’s Council, the Irish Family Planning Association, LGBTQI+ advocacy group ShoutOut, and the Union of Students in Ireland.

Atheist Ireland raised this issue last year at the United Nations, who recommended that Ireland should introduce compulsory scientifically objective sex education into school curricula.

Atheist Ireland supports Solidarity’s repeated political initiatives to bring about an ethical secular state where everybody’s rights are equally respected.

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Remembering my late wife Anne Holliday

by Michael Nugent on April 9, 2018

MN AHIt’s seven years today since my wife Anne died. I’m also remembering John Buckley today. We were talking over lunch about his cancer just before I got news that Anne died.

Here’s the tribute I wrote to Anne after she died.


Irish Catholic Bishops to run a candidate for President

by Michael Nugent on April 1, 2018

President ArticleThe Irish Catholic Bishops are planning to run a candidate for President of Ireland this year.

Leaked documents reveal that the Bishops are divided between proposing Catholic Primate Archbishop Eamon Martin of Armagh, or independent Catholic Senator Ronan Mullen.

The Bishops have secured the required nominations from members of the Oireachtas. Catholic clerics have already served in the United States Congress, the Canadian House of Commons, and the French National Assembly.

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Hairy LemonThis Friday, for the first time in nearly a century, Irish pubs will be allowed to open on Good Friday. If you are in Dublin, please join us for the first ever Good Friday Atheists in the Pub session, from 8pm in the Hairy Lemon on Lower Stephen Street. There is a Facebook event page here.

In 1924, Ireland had one pub for every 200 people, twice the ratio of England. The new Irish Free State parliament was debating keeping Good Friday and St Patrick’s Day dry, as well as closing pubs during “the hours of Divine Service” on Sunday mornings.

Were the new regulations aimed at keeping public order? No. Justice Minister Kevin O’Higgins made clear that: “They were not inserted from that angle at all, but rather as an attempt to interpret the collective mind or wish of the people concerning matters that are partly religious and partly sentimental.”

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Abortion would already be legal if any Taoiseach had needed one

February 24, 2018


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Atheist Ireland welcomes proposed opt-out from religious instruction in ETB schools

February 14, 2018

Finally, in ETB schools, a proper opt-out from religion seems about to happen, with alternative subjects being offered at the start of the year, based on proposals that Atheist Ireland has been intensively lobbying for in recent years. The Irish Times has seen records of a coming Ministerial Circular that Atheist Ireland first asked the […]

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Religious discrimination against women in Ireland – Jane Donnelly in La Raison magazine

February 11, 2018

Atheist Ireland works internationally, as members of Atheist Alliance International and the International Humanist and Ethical Union. We also work directly with atheist and secular groups in other countries, to share information and to help each other to achieve separation of church and state. The February 2018 edition of La Raison, the magazine of the […]

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Leeds United centenary badge designs

January 29, 2018

Given the recent controversy about the new proposed centenary badge for Leeds United, here are two ideas based on the three main shirt colours of the club during the century.

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Atheist Ireland attends meeting of Census Advisory Group on Religion Question for 2021 census

January 23, 2018

Atheist Ireland attended a three-meeting yesterday of the Census Advisory Group on the religion question for the 2021 census. We had previously made this written submission to the process. At the meeting, we added the arguments outlined in this report. We will report later on the content of the meeting. The CSO staff are now considering […]

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We must strengthen, not subvert, the SIPO law on funding of political activity

December 11, 2017

Amnesty International Ireland is refusing to obey the law on funding of political purposes. They are refusing to return an illegal donation from America to help to repeal the eighth amendment. Amnesty is mistaken in taking this position, both ethically and practically. Atheist Ireland is also a civil society body. We also promote human rights, […]

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