The madness of money in soccer

The role of money in soccer today has become completely detached from the reality of the sport.

My local club Bohs will come into a windfall if Matt Doherty’s transfer from Wolves to Spurs is completed. Bohs sold teenaged Doherty to Wolves for €40,000 a decade ago, and part of the contract gives Bohs 10% of any sell-on transfer fee.

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It is outrageous that our Covid restrictions were collectively breached by numerous politicians, a Government Minister, the deputy chair of the Seanad, a Supreme Court Judge, a European Commissioner, a bank lobby chief executive, and a retired RTE political presenter.

Ideally, this cartoon collection of conflicts of interest should not have been socialising together under the auspices of the Oireachtas Golf Society in the first place. That they did so in breach of pandemic guidelines that ordinary citizens are obeying is beyond comprehension.

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