#IWant2BFree Day 1 – Speakers and Artists

Day 1 - IndividualThese are the individual speakers and events this Saturday 22 July, at the Glastonbury of Freethinkers, London’s International Conference on Free Expression and Conscience.

There will also be eight panel discussions during the weekend. Jane Donnelly and I will be speaking on behalf of Atheist Ireland on two of these panels.

Use the hashtag #IWant2BFree this weekend to follow the contributions of more than seventy atheist and secular activists and artists, from more than thirty countries around the world. Read the weekend’s full agenda here.

 Saturday 22 July – Four Panel discussions

  • 10:30 Islam’s Non-Believers
  • 12:00 Blasphemy, Islamophobia, Freedom of Thought and Expression
  • 14:30 Religion in the Law and State
  • 16:45 Secularism as a Human Right


  • 9:00 Welcome by MCs Fariborz Pooya, Bread and Roses TV Host, and Iram Ramzan, Journalist
  • 9.10 Opening Remarks by Maryam Namazie, CEMB and One Law for All Spokesperson: “Celebrating Apostasy and Blasphemy”
  • 9:20 Bonya Ahmed, Activist, Writer and Blogger at Mukto-Mona: “We Stand on the Right Side of History”
  • 9:40 “Islam’s Non-Believers” Film Screening
  • 16:00 Dave Silverman, American Atheists President: “Firebrand Atheism vs Islam in America”
  • 18:15 Djemila Benhabib, Author and Activist: “Algeria, France, Canada – Why Islamists are Gaining Ground”
  • 18:30 Public Art protest in solidarity with persecuted atheists and freethinkers
  • 19:00 Music with Shelley Segal
  • 19:15 Exhibition by Aryan Arian
#IWant2BFree Day 1 – Speakers and Artists

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