My interview with FreeThought Friday

Here’s the second part of my interview with Ciaron O Floinn and Ashling O’Brien on Freethought Friday. We discuss the use of the word Islamophobia to silence criticism of Islam, the recent pattern of people being disinvited from scheduled talks, and the Ashers Bakery case in Northern Ireland.

And here is the first part, broadcast last week.

My interview with FreeThought Friday

4 thoughts on “My interview with FreeThought Friday

  1. Michael, I’m not seeing links in your post – could you add a pointer to the interview? Thanks!

  2. Skep: there are two videos embedded. maybe a browser problem from your side?

    Else, I can send you the links via PM at The Other Place. Worth a watch.

  3. My shift key is violently acting on me. Just assume I put upper-case in the right places.

  4. Michael, I found both parts of your interview highly informative, educational, and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. Thank you very much indeed for your tireless work.

    I wasn’t expecting the last part regarding “The Cake Controversy”. There were some excellent legal and ethical points mentioned in this section. The owners of that cake company made a stupid mistake in order to flaunt their religious beliefs and attempt to impose them on their company. As was highlighted in the interview: A company itself is a legal entity and it is granted a set of rights as if it were a person, but a company does not and cannot have religious beliefs, of its own accord, because it is an inanimate entity. Grade I and Grade II listed buildings are protected by law, but certainly not because of their personal religious or political beliefs, or the personal beliefs of their owners!

    As Ronnie Barker said in the BBC series Porridge: “What have I learned, Mr Mackay? Three things. One — bide your time. Two — keep your nose clean. And three — don’t let the bastards grind you down.”

    Kindest regards,

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