Mary says Yes! and Catholic education – my interview on WLRFM

Catholic schools are now teaching infants that Mary said Yes! to becoming pregnant despite being afraid and confused. I discussed this, and religious discrimination in Irish schools, with Billy McCarthy on WLR FM today.

Mary says Yes! and Catholic education – my interview on WLRFM

4 thoughts on “Mary says Yes! and Catholic education – my interview on WLRFM

  1. Billy and Michael know nothing about Theology. Why no Theology to explain this to clear up the confusion? But Michael you show your bias and intolerance towards Catholics yet again. This interview is advert for Atheist Ireland P.A.C.T.

    Would love to hear your definition of Indoctrination?

  2. Emmanuel, theology is the study of the imagination of theologians. Theology can not clear up this issue, because this issue is not about theology. It is about the practical real-life impact of this harmful message in the minds of small children.

    With regard to indoctrination, the courts in Ireland have never defined what is meant by indoctrination. However, it has been defined by the European Court in relation to the right of parents to respect for their religious or philosophical convictions.

    States are forbidden to pursue an aim of indoctrination by not respecting parents’ convictions, and must take sufficient care that the curriculum is delivered in an objective, critical and pluralistic manner. This is not something that happens in publicly funded National Schools with a Catholic ethos.

  3. Michael “theology is the study of the imagination of theologians” No Harry Potter is imagination and good story too! However Theology is not of the imagination. Theology is also a Science! I think most Universities (even secular ones) would disagree with you as most have Theology Departments. You yourself have used a Theology/Christology argument on ‘Challenging God’.

    When explained and put into context this message it’s not harmful to small children. What is harmful is the twist given to it my Atheist Ireland and Ellen O’Malley-Dunlop.

    I was hoping to have a definition of Indoctrination from you Michael. In the classic religious understanding of Indoctrination means to hand on doctrine in a authoritative way as give by the Teaching Magisterium. However the modern understanding of indoctrination is that the indoctrinated are not encouraged to critically think on what they have been taught. In fact Modern Schooling doesn’t encourage critical thinking at all. So it really doesn’t have anything much to do with the Catholic ethos.

  4. That's what i don't get either, you point a gun at the cops, what do you bloody expect? But that's not the story they told, which now questions the story they are telling us now, did he point the gun or not? See now we can't trust their story at all can we?That all aside, Greg trying to use this shooting as another example as to why all police should be armed all the time is simply ridiculous.

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