Ireland now seen as a world leader in secularism and equality after marriage equality referendum

Ireland is now seen as a world leader in secularism and equality after the successful marriage equality referendum result. I discussed this up-to-recently-unthinkable development on two international media outlets last week.

Above is my video discussion with Maryam Namazie on Bread and Roses, and below is a link to my discussion with Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker on Freethought Radio.

My discussion on Freethought Radio

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  1. I wish I had something but ‘this is great’ to say. So, this is great. Thanks for the hard, POSITIVE work you and your fellow AI members do.

  2. Ireland is hardly a world leader on secularism.

    Yes, the marriage equality referendum was a big headline-winner internationally, but the big issues are more mundane and unlikely to garner much publicity. I’m speaking of education among other things.

  3. Thank you Moses, chill chick and Evan.

    Nialler, I agree with you with regard to the politicians and the law. Our task is to get the politicians and the law to catch up with the people. That is more or less what I discuss in both clips.

    I also agree that education change is the key to long-term secularism, that the churches have particularly strong legal protection there, and the politicians are reluctant to challenge them.

  4. Michael, it’s good to see that the battle on these issues joined.

    One caveat, though: the battle is never-ending. We saw that here in France, during Sarkozy’s presidency, where he had more time for the RCC than many of his precessors.

    His successor quite pointedly finished his victory speech not only with the republic’s normal rallying cry, but added to it:

    “Liberté, égalité, fraternité, laïcité!”

    107 years after the 1905 laws separating Church and State they are still under attack.

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