Atheist Ireland Marriage Equality Debate part 1 (speeches & rebuttals)

Atheist Ireland hosted a marriage equality debate in Wynns Hotel Dublin yesterday. Supporting the referendum were Max Krzyzanowski and Brendan Butler. Opposing the referendum were Susan Philips and Tom Carew. The debate was chaired by Ashling O’Brien, the Chair of the Dublin Regional Branch of Atheist Ireland.

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  1. For the life of me, I still can’t see why anyone but the people who wish to get married need to concern themselves over who gets married, or not. Or plays video games, or not. Or does any sort of adult behavior with, or without, other adults as long as they’re not harming, or forcing some kind of involvement, with other people who want no part of it.

    These purity tests and social controls because of ideology and religion are for the birds.

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