Does God exist? Video of my debate with Catholic evangelist Hugh Owen from the US Kolbe Center

Yesterday I debated the existence of God with Hugh Owen of the US Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, at the Centre for the Divine Will in Dublin. These are the opening contributions and rebuttals. I will have the questions and answers session online later.

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  1. Wow. Almost everything Owen said fell into the category of “not even wrong” and was obviously regurgitated from creationist sources. It would have taken Michael hours to rebut all that he said so the general approach that he took was the only reasonable one given the time limits.

    What was particularly disheartening were the claims about the bible and Jesus. Is it too much to expect that Christians who are prepared to enter a public debate like this should actually have some knowledge of the latest scholarship on these issues.

    I’ve never seen praying like that at the start of a debate either and I’m glad that Michael mentioned this later.

  2. Good points Michael. Well spoken.

    And in regards to the prayer before the debate, that’s pretty much my reaction to seeing the haka at international rugby matches.

  3. I like your style of debating Michael, i cant believe the crazy dude started off with a prayer though. Petty there isn’t something like “the atheist experience” here in Ireland. I’d love to see some phone in debates from Irish folks with you on the panel. Any chance of that with a youtube channel?

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