New secular memorial stone and plans for assisted dying – my discussion on RTE about my late wife Anne Holliday’s burial

My late wife Anne Holliday was buried last week, three years after she died and donated her body to medical science. After the burial, I discussed with Joe Duffy on RTE the new secular memorial stone that the Dublin Medical Schools have erected on their cemetery plot, and Anne’s plans for assisted dying. Thanks to Joe and everyone else for your kind expressions of sympathy and compassion on and since Anne’s burial.

New secular memorial stone in medical school cemetery

Preparing for assisted dying

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  1. Michael, it sounds like you two had a wonderful relationship – and what a generous donation she made, to medical science & education.

    I’ve been participating in the high-traffic threads on your site while this post, which I assume is much more meaningful to you, sits so quietly in the background; while not feeling guilt, please let me say: I’m sorry!

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