If you see a Bible at your referendum voting centre

If you are voting in the Irish referendum today, you may or may not see a Bible on display in your voting centre. The referendum staff need to have a Bible available, because the law allows people to swear on the Bible if their identity is challenged. However, you are also allowed to make a secular affirmation instead of swearing on the Bible.

If you see a Bible in your voting centre, ask the staff these questions: Why is there a Bible on display? Does it have to be on display in order to be available if it is needed? Is the secular affirmation also on display? If only the Bible is on display, can you either display both or not display either?

There is also the obvious question of why the law assumes that somebody who is fraudulently impersonating somebody else would be unwilling to fraudulently swear an untrue oath, but that’s a question for another day!

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