End of life care and the right to die – my debate with Prof David Smith at RCSI

These are the speeches from my debate on end of life care with Professor David Smith, lecturer in ethics at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

This is an important issue for me. My late wife Anne Holliday got great peace of mind, when she was dying, from the option to control her death, and I am involved in the support and advocacy group Right to Die Ireland.

Michael Nugent on end of life care and the right to die

Prof David Smith on end of life care and Christianity

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  1. In the Netherlands where euthanasia was legalised a while ago, most forms of palliative care have collapsed.

    Before legalising euthanasia, Dutch authorities promised that that would never happen.

    The whole subject of euthanasia no longer belongs to the realm of speculation. It has become a reality in a few countries, and the results pretty much conform to the dire predictions euthanasia’s opponents have been making.

    The results are in!

    When you fire teargas into a crowd of people, they don’t giggle, they cough and they choke.

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