Some popular posts from this website, from 2008 to today.


How and why I became an atheist
My tribute to my late wife Anne Holliday


Famous Atheists A-Z
Famous Atheists by Age
Dead Atheists Society

Atheist & Secular Songs 

Myths about atheism obscure its secular values
A draft manifesto to promote ethical atheism
Just for today, I agree…
Why I am an atheist
Why atheism is important
140+ favourite atheist-related books


The Dublin Declaration on Secularism
Atheist and humanist groups
The case for a secular education system
Secular education and human rights law
Cultural map of the world
The unelectable atheist President of the USA
America’s top two elected atheists
Right to Die Ireland – a new support and lobby group
Pregnant Savita dies in Irish hospital
The Irish-American anti-choice movement
Psychic mediums can solemnize Irish marriages
The ICCL is discriminating against atheists


History of Irish blasphemy law
Atheist Ireland’s 25 blasphemous quotes
Asia Bibi still facing execution in Pakistan
Five ways you can help Alex Aan in Indonesia

Roman Catholicism

The pretend Vatican State at the UN
Vatican compares child abuse with ordaining women
Pope’s letter protects church, not its victims
Time for action on child sex abuse report
Cardinal Brady’s meetings with paedophile priest
Bishop Magee lied and deliberately misled
Catholic Church must stop dehumanizing atheists

The Bible

Ethics of the Ten Commandments
Did the historical Jesus exist?
The false flow of the Biblical Jesus stories
The fanciful first page of the New Testament
The resurrection of Jesus in the Bible
Jesus the raging ruler of Revelation


But will it make you happy?
Social networks spread happiness
Is Mathieu Ricard the world’s happiest man?
Where to live a long happy life


Why nothing can be known with certainty
A draft manifesto to promote ethical atheism
Medieval faith vs reason Part 1
Medieval faith vs reason Part 2

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