The increasingly delusional smears of PZ Myers

After the Richard Dawkins Foundation and the Center For Inquiry announced their merger, PZ Myers published Rebecca Watson’s claim that atheist organisations “will continue polishing Richard Dawkins’ knob until he dies.” PZ also claimed that Christopher Hitchens “had no problem with killing Muslims and American Indians,” and he misrepresented Godless Spellchecker Stephen Knight’s exposure of […]

PZ Myers and the Little Shop of Hatred

Update: PZ Myers has now closed down the social interaction aspect of his blog, after blaming his commenters for attacking an insider in the way that he has always encouraged them to attack outsiders. He also complains that FreeThought Blogs itself is ‘less a unified group than a disparate collection of loosely affiliated blogs that have […]

PZ Myers defenders are now smearing the integrity of Atheist Ireland committee members

I had a constructive Twitter conversation with Ashley Miller yesterday, which we hope to continue soon, about Atheist Ireland’s dissociation from the harmful and hateful rhetoric of PZ Myers. Parts of it are storified here. I appreciate Ashley’s commitment to researching the evidence, and her willingness to engage in reasoned dialogue. It is a hopeful […]

Friendly Atheist Hemant Mehta says it is no wonder Atheist Ireland wants nothing to do with PZ Myers

Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist, has said that it is no wonder that Atheist Ireland wants nothing to do with PZ Myers, that he gets why people would rather avoid him, and that after once writing a blurb endorsing PZ’s book, Hemant has wanted less and less to do with PZ and his brand of […]

Atheist Northern Ireland supports Atheist Ireland’s dissociation from the rhetoric of PZ Myers

Atheist Northern Ireland has issued the following statement: Our colleagues Atheist Ireland have publicly dissociated from the harmful and hateful rhetoric of atheist blogger PZ Myers. This is a link to the Atheist Ireland statement. We’d like to extend our support for this move; we’ve witnessed the deteriorating relationship between Michael Nugent, chairperson of Atheist […]

Atheist Ireland publicly dissociates itself from the harmful and hateful rhetoric of PZ Myers

Atheist Ireland today published this statement: Atheist Ireland is publicly dissociating itself from the hurtful and dehumanising, hateful and violent, unjust and defamatory rhetoric of the atheist blogger PZ Myers. The final of many, many straws were his latest smear that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is ‘happily exploiting atrocities’, and his subsequent description of Atheist Ireland’s […]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s important speech about religious bigotry and persecution, and PZ Myers’ defamatory smear against her

Ayaan Hirsi Ali gave an important speech to the American Atheists Convention this weekend. She argued that Islam is significantly more dangerous than Christianity today, and that we should focus our limited campaigning resources where they are most effective in tackling injustice and persecution. In response, in his latest defamatory smear, PZ Myers has accused Ayaan, […]

For PZ Myers, the idea of responding justly to complaints is literally a joke

This week PZ Myers seemed to finally be acting responsibly, announcing that FreeThought Blogs was setting up a new complaints department, with a dedicated customer service email address. He then revealed that this post was a joke, intended to mock the idea that FreeThought Blogs would do such a thing. He added that there is […]

FreeThought Blogs manager Ed Brayton made similar complaints about PZ Myers’ pattern of behaviour

In 2006 Ed Brayton, who is now manager at FreeThought Blogs, complained about the same pattern of behaviour by PZ Myers as PZ has been using to smear me and others eight years later. Thanks to Jan Steen for bringing this to my attention. Ed said then that PZ had lied about him several times, […]

My third email to FreeThought Blogs about their complaints procedure regarding PZ Myers

I have today sent this third email to FreeThoughtBlogs. To Ed Brayton, Manager, Freethought Blogs Network Dear Ed, This my third email to you asking about the procedures for bringing details of a complaint about the behaviour of one of your bloggers to the attention of your Executive Committee. My previous emails were three weeks […]