I sometimes discuss atheism, morality, Christianity, Islam and related issues on radio shows and podcasts. Here are some recent examples.

Assisted dying and atheism
Friday Profile Interview with Matt Cooper on Today FM, Feb 2014

Are New Atheists shallow and dangerous?
On Newstalk with George Hook and Dr Robert Grant, June 2014

Are New Atheists shallow and dangerous? Part 2
On BBC Ulster with William Crawley and Dr Grant, July 2014

The case for assisted dying
On Newstalk with Shane Coleman, and panel, July 2014

Religious censorship on RTE?
On BBC Ulster with William Crawley and Peter Lynas, June 2014

Should priests report child rape?
On RTE’s Liveline with Joe Duffy and Fr Gearoid O Donchu, Apr 2014

Teaching about atheism in Irish schools
On CKNW Vancouver with Sean Leslie and Pat O’Brien, Sep 2013

Richard Dawkins and Islam
On BBC Ulster with William Crawley and Daniel Trilling, Aug 2013

Has atheism failed?
On BBC Ulster with William Crawley and Rabbi Romain, June 2013

The right to die and the Marie Fleming ruling
On RTE Radio 1 with Audrey Carville and Regina McQuillan, Apr 2013

Is teaching children religion as fact child abuse?
On 98FM with Muireann O’Connell, March 2013

Resurrection and religion panel discussion
On Newstalk Radio with Sarah Carey, March 2013

Debate with theist author David Glass
On RTE Radio 1’s God Slot, Feb 2013

Alain de Botton’s Ten Commandments for Atheists
On Newstalk Radio with George Hook, Feb 2013

Blasphemy laws in Ireland and internationally
On RTE Radio with Miriam O’Callaghan, Sep 2012

Religion, science and truth
On Newstalk Radio with Marc Coleman, Jun 2012

Did Atheism cause Nazism?
On Newstalk Radio with Fr Vincent Twomey, Mar 2012

Miracles at Marian Grottos?
On Radio Kerry discussing Marian Grottos, Nov 2011

Murder by Prayer?
On BBC Radio Ulster Sunday Sequence, Aug 2009

Discussing Atheism
On RTE Radio One Ryan Tubridy Show, Jun 2009

Introducing Atheist Ireland
On Phantom Radio with Simon Maher, Jan 2009

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