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What if Ireland discriminated for atheism instead of religion?
Trinity College Dublin, Feb 2013

Opposing religious circumcision
at Trinity College Dublin Theological Society, Oct 2012

Why science should be the death of faith
At Trinity College Dublin Historical Society, Sep 2012

The Catholic Church has become irrelevant
At University College Dublin Law Society, Sep 2012

Is religion less relevant to modern society?
At Friends House in London, England, April 2012

Does religion do more harm than good?
At National University of Ireland Galway, Feb 2012

Is the world better with religion?
At Dublin Institute of Technology Bolton Street, Feb 2012

Is Scientology as legitimate as any other religion?
At Trinity College Dublin Philosophical Society, Nov 2011

The God Delusion or Solution?
At Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Feb 2011

Islam or atheism: which is more reasonable?
At University College Dublin, Feb 2011

Sex and religion in Ireland
At Atheist Convention in Copenhagen, Denmark, Jun 2010

Why we should self-identify as atheists
At South Place Ethical Society in London, England, Jun 2010

Can we be moral without God?
At National University of Ireland Maynooth, Apr 2010

Is God fraud?
At University College Cork, Mar 2009

See also page 1 of sample videos

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