Atheist Songs UVWXYZ


Atheist Songs UVWXYZ

Uniformitarian Naturalism – God Hates Disco

Vatican Rag – Tom Lehrer

The Voice of God is Government – Bad Religion

The Way the Wind Blows – Rush

We Are All Made Of Stars – Moby

We Don’t Go to God’s House Anymore – Chumbawamba

We’ll Hunt Him Down – Jez Lowe, Chris Wood and Mark Erelli

The Wedding of Church and State – Roy Zimmerman and Sandy Riccardi

What if No One’s Watching – Ani DiFranco

What Did The Christians Ever Do For Us? – Sack

What God Wants (Parts 1, 2, 3)- Roger Waters

What Would Scooby Do? – Eddie Scott

Where the Birds Always Sing – The Cure

White Wine in the Sun – Tim Minchin

Why I Don’t believe in God – Everclear

Woody Allen Jesus – Tim Minchin

Your God – Cheryl Wheeler

Your God is Fear – The Cure

Plus Bonus Song:

Jesus Is A Friend of Mine – Sonseed

Jesus Is a Friend of Mine (Censored)

Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine (Rave Remix)

Jesus Is a Friend of Mine (Live)


More suggestions welcome.

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