Atheist Songs LMNO


Atheist Songs LMNO

Leaving Jesusland – NOFX

Legion – Theatre of Hate

Leper Messiah – Metallica

Let The Mystery Be – Iris DeMent

Let’s Go After the Buddhists – Roy Zimmerman

Letting Go of God – Jill Sobule

Look, No Strings – Chumbawamba

Losing My Religion – REM

Lubbock or Leave It – Dixie Chicks

Magdalene – Amanda Bloom

The Magic of Reality – Markella Hatziano

Making Things Up Again – Book of Mormon Musical

Man on the Moon – REM

The Meaning of Life – Monty Python

Memes v Genes – Richard Dawkins

Mind Your Manners – Pearl Jam

Monster on Sunday – Monster on Sunday

Moral Majority – Dead Kennedys

My God – Pennywise

My Morality – Shelley Segal

No Fun In Fundamentalism – NOFX

No Voices In The Sky – Motorhead

Not an Ordinary goD – Kaydi Johnson

Nothing Fails Like Prayer – Dan Barker

Off That (Rationalist Anthem) – Baba Brinkmann

One True God – Austin Lounge Lizards

Opiate – Tool

The Origin of God – The Ocean

Origin of Species – Chris Smither


More suggestions welcome.

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  1. James – One of the Three
    Duran Duran – None Of The Above
    Baba Brinkman & Greydon Square – Neighborhood Atheism
    MC Frontalot – Origin Of Species
    Spiritual Beggars – No One Heard
    Motorhead – Orgasmatron

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