Michael and Zelinda Sherlock, campaigning for a better world

by Michael Nugent on July 20, 2017

Michael ZelindaHaving campaigned for years with my late wife Anne Holliday for peace and secularism in Ireland, I am always encouraged to see the synergy of other husband and wife teams who are both campaigning for a better world.

One such team in Australia is Michael and Zelinda Sherlock. They have different focuses to their respective campaigning, and they don’t always agree on everything, but they share the same passion for challenging injustice.

Michael Sherlock is a friend of mine. He relentlessly promotes atheism and reason, and challenges the harm and human rights abuses imposed on people by religious fundamentalism.

Zelinda Sherlock is a new Labor Party candidate in the next State elections, campaigning on human rights, education, equality, social justice issues, multiculturalism and mental health.

Zelinda is a teacher, and she says: “Education is the key to opening-up so many doors, inclusion is crucial to advancement and development, and mental stability is vital to personal progression.”

She’s running in the Constituency of Denison in the State of Tasmania. That’s the island just to the south of Melbourne. If you live there, or know someone who does, check out her campaign.

It can be challenging to be politically active in a world where many critics can be less than constructive, but it is much easier when you each have a supportive partner beside you. I wish Michael and Zelinda all the best.

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1 Elida Radig July 24, 2017 at 4:33 am

Please Michael, say hello from me to Shelly Segal and Zelinda Sherlock.
They are at the conference.
Thank you Michael.
Elida Radig

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