Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? David Quinn again ignores questions about Iona Institute policies

In February and March I had a Twitter discussion with David Quinn, about the Iona Institute and Atheist Ireland and religious and atheist morality.

He retreated from that discussion, and called me a virtual stalker for asking him questions about how Iona decides on its policies.

Last week I again asked him the two questions he had not answered:

  • You say Iona decides which Christian values to promote or not based on what makes most sense. What criteria do you use?
  • You say Iona’s arguments re marriage are not even specifically Christian. Then what are they based on?

I have published below the latest tweets between us. As always, I have answered all of the questions that David has asked me. I am still waiting for answers to the two questions I asked him.

13 May

14 May

15 May

16 May

18 May

19 May

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